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Taps from BAER - because quality does not have to be expensive

What the scalpel is to the doctor and the baton to the conductor, the tool is to the craftsman. Alongside specialist knowledge and intuition, a reliable tool is the most important aid in day-to-day work and can be decisive for the success of a project. And of course, this does not only apply to the professional sector. Every do-it-yourselfer can also only be as good as the utensils that are available to him. That's why you should always place special emphasis on quality products when shopping.

For thread cutters, this is perhaps even more important than in other areas. Because a thread like this is a delicate structure. An imprecise angle or inferior steel as the starting material can massively impair its functionality. And in industry, where specifications and standards must be observed, a precisely machined tap is indispensable, if only for reasons of legal security.

So if you're looking for high quality manufactured taps that can give you just that precision, you've come to the right place. At BAER we have been manufacturing machine taps, hand taps and dies for 40 years. Tradition and experience form the foundation of our work, on which we build every day with a spirit of innovation and a great deal of passion, utilizing every available potential for optimization. Because the satisfaction of our customers is our greatest asset.

BAER Taps - For the customers, with the customers

The customer has always been the focus at BAER. We produce taps not only for you, but with you. But don't worry, you don't have to do it yourself. Rather, you support us with your wishes and ideas. We are always looking for a lively exchange and are happy to make every effort to meet any special request. Do you need a tap for special requirements? Let's talk about it and find a tailor-made solution! This is how we succeed in constantly improving and responding even more precisely to the needs of our target group. And our concept works! This is proven by the many satisfied customers, some of whom have been loyal to us for decades.

Consistent quality

The basis of every intensive customer relationship is consistent quality. When you buy a tap from us, you can rest assured that we pay attention to every detail from A to Z. This begins with the selection of the raw material. All our taps are made of high-performance high-speed steel, which has excellent cutting properties and can withstand high temperatures. From this raw material, we then manufacture our taps in our state-of-the-art production facility with a great deal of experience, expertise and a special degree of care. The final goods inspection ensures that only taps of impeccable quality leave our hall and are dispatched quickly so that you can hold your new tool in your hands promptly.

The last - but important! - piece of the puzzle is our excellent customer service, which will advise you in a friendly and competent manner on all questions concerning taps. No request is too unimportant, no problem too complicated. Contact us by phone, e-mail or conveniently via our contact form and describe your concern. We will stay on it until your case is solved to your complete satisfaction. Guaranteed!

Online-Shop for BAER Taps

The tap product range - Take a look at it

Taps are the heart of our range. Whether external or internal threads, whether by hand or with the machine, we carry all the tools you need for the professional production of threads. And suitable for many common and less common thread standards and different materials. But our product portfolio is by no means exhausted with the thread cutters. You can also purchase other utensils and aids for thread cutting from us.

BAER Hand tapping - cutting threads by hand

Manual taps are usually offered in sets of three tools. This is because three successive work steps are necessary in order to distribute the forces to be applied as well as possible during manual thread cutting.

Hand tap sets consist of

  • Pre-cutter
  • Post-cutter
  • Finishing tap

The biggest advantage of this way of working is that you do not need expensive machines for hand tapping. Regardless of the equipment you have at your disposal, you can quickly and easily cut your own threads.

BAER Machine taps - for machine use

If you want to cut many threads frequently, you are well advised to use a machine tap. The machine takes a large part of the work off your hands, which is why the entire thread can also be cut in just one step. With these thread cutters, series production will then also work without any problems. In our range you will find the right tool for every application.

BAER Die - quite simply produce external threads

Cutting an external thread requires a die. This can be applied by hand with a die holder or inserted into the machine. In our Online-Shop you can expect round dies and hexagonal dies, each in versions for right-hand or left-hand threads.

Other tools and accessories

In our Online-Shop you will find not only taps but also all the other tools, aids and utensils you need for your work with threads. Whether twist drills for core drilling, taper countersinks for countersinking the hole or step drills for large diameters in thin material. In addition, you will also find all the necessary operating tools such as tap wrenches or die holders, plus thread gauges for checking compliance with standards and more. And if you're interested in thread repair and thread locking, we'd like to recommend our BaerFix® and BaerCoil® product lines.

In short, BAER is your one-stop shop for all your threading needs. If, in very special cases, you do not find what you are looking for in the store, that is no problem either. We produce custom-made products exactly according to your specifications. And if a tap has become blunt after many hours of use, we will be happy to regrind it for you. In this way, you save on a new purchase and avoid waste. Try it out and convince yourself of the proven BAER quality!